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myGUESTS International
Professional Hospitality Management Solutions

myGUESTS International – the Champagne class professional hospitality management system that is affordable at a Beer Budget.

With myGUESTS you will have many reasons to celebrate. Perform daily management tasks with utmost ease. The fear of intimidating technology is a thing of the past with myGUESTS, as was witnessed by many visitors at the INDABA 2006. With over 25 years of unshakeable experience in developing business solutions SAP-RAPIDE understands users adversity and fears. As an intuitive system with a short learning curve you will soon be up to speed, even with limited computer knowledge. No hype, no frills and glossy packing, just value added functionality, contributing to help you Increase Revenue, Avoid Cost and Improve Service. Whether your establishment is a Bed & Breakfast, SC, Guest Houses, Lodge etc., with myGUESTS you get a robust and modern system and a secure investment in technology. Let the following tasks become sheer business pleasure:

  • Availability tracking
  • Reservation management
  • Payment management
  • Guest billing
  • Information reporting.

Toast to management efficiency and effectiveness and bid farewell to:

  • Sub-standard service to guests
  • Outdated,costly and inaccurate manual record keeping
  • Loss of potential business
  • Inconsistent operational procedures
  • Loss of valuable business information
  • Creeping administration costs.

Manage your business now from a single point of control. Extract strategic information that is consistent, accurate, on time, complete, relevant and traceable. Thus enhance decision-making, competitiveness and improve productivity. There is no need for a large capital investment or additional hardware costs and maintenance. Simply install on your computer and run. Annual license fees - uuh - not with myGUESTS!!

Now that's value hard to beat!

Amongst the numerous fine features you also benefit from:

  • On demand management
  • Be informed and react faster
  • Enjoy a professional edge even as a Small Business
  • Automated day to day control
  • Operational transparency
  • Improved utilisation of your time.

mySQUIRREL Inventory Management Solution
A significant cost to most Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME) is the inventory it carries for its customers. An effective management and minimized inventory investment can provide a competitive advantage. mySQUIRREL is a pragmatic add-on to myGUESTS and can also be used as a standalone application. This flexibility makes it an economical solution for SME’s. mySQUIRREL is simple and provides up to date inventory status on demand. Maintain continuous service for your customers by eliminating shortages and “out-of-stock” situations.

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