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buzee bee utility table

Ever had one of those tray tables that collapsed or, even worse, fell over while you were trying to do something? Ever wished you had something that could do your carrying for you? How about the awkwardness of eating tv meals or serving someone in a sick bed?

Well let us introduce you to the "Buzee Bee Utility Table". Using a new design in steel tubing and high density MDF, sealed in laminate covering, the Buzee Bee utility table is easy to use with a smooth rolling action. Solid, yet light, it is a safe and dependable companion.

For space-saving, Buzee-Bee can sit neatly in a cupboard or corner just waiting for the next time you need it, at the same time providing handy extra storage. Great for laundry, study, kitchen, or even for the kid's toy box and play table in the bedroom. How about a dinner tray while you're watching TV? Even at work the Buzee Bee utility table reduces frustration by keeping what's important close at hand, even as you move around. The uses are almost endless and no matter what your need, Buzee Bee is certain to make your life a whole lot easier.

With three sizes to suit all ages. Large, medium or small, the Buzee Bee utility table can cater to the whole family's needs.

Buzee Bee comes flat-packed and is easily assembled in your home once delivery has been made. We can despatch from our factory in Benoni to any part of Southern Africa or the World.

buzee-bee in the garden

Suggested uses of Buzee Bee Utility Table

* sick bed (or even breakfast in bed)

* study table that can be moved to the most convenient place for lighting (or peace and quiet) - then rolled quietly into its corner when done

* play table for chldren with a neat area for storing a small toybox on the bottom. Kids can now have an organised play area wherever mum is without major hassle - just pull Buzee Bee along to wherever you want it. Kids love it and it's sturdy design makes it topple-proof yet light and easy enough for a child to move around.

* Laundry helper

*TV meals - Buzee Bee works well with lounge chairs

* Invalids - don't make the frail battle to move in under a table - bring the table to them

* Sewing table. Who has room for a permanent sewing table to be set-up these days? With Buzee Bee utility table, space is no longer a problem.

order buzee bee* Cleaning caddy

* Office helper

* Workshop helper


Large:    R425.00
Medium: R365.00
Small:    R325.00

Prices include delivery within South Africa. Please allow 10 days for delivery.

Discounts available for orders greater than 1 unit.

Payment via cash, cheque, direct deposit or postal order

To email Buzee-Bee, please
click here

or telephone Branwen on
083 308 4767

     buzee bee utility table

We are looking for agents in various centres across South Africa. If you are interested, please email us.


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