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Coast of Dreams

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Coast of Dreams ... Sound a bit fanciful? Perhaps, but the best dreams often start out that way and it makes them no less real once realised. You have to call it as you see it, and that's exactly what we're doing.

How often have you said, "I'd love to ..." or, "one day I'll ...". How often have you thought that what you had filed away as a distant "some-day" fantasy was simply out of reach and that maybe on some "tomorrow" you would find the place, find the way, or find whatever else it is that you believe is keeping the dream no more than a dream?

Well, here is the place. Now is the time and there is nothing to stop you but you, because ...

there is no better setting for a dream holiday or dream honeymoon.

we have the skills and facilities to help you in realising all those dreams of what you'd someday like to do or like to learn to do.

if you live a stressed and busy life, dreaming of a place where you can simply unwind and be nurtured and pampered, we have the perfect climate, tranquil environments and safe escape, with outstanding spas, health centres and wellness centres.

Both within and around Durban North, almost everything is available.

Now at last the fun isn't limited to those who already know how, because you can become one of them yourself. Instruction is professional and accreditations are internationally recognised.

Get off the whistful sidelines and learn:

how to fly anything from a light aircraft all the way through to commercial plane or a helicopter
scuba diving
how to handle a 4X4 like a pro
sailing a boat
surfing the big ones
mastering a kayak in the open sea
sky diving
mountain climbing
quad biking

If that's all a bit too active for you, what about learning yoga, meditation, aromatherapy massage, various healing techniques and therapies, various crafts like decoupage, or ...... simply do nothing.

With the wonderful sub-tropical climate, clean, sandy beaches and warm Indian ocean, this is also the perfect place to simply unwind, soak up the sun and restore mind and spirit.

The area offers various outstanding wellness centres and spas, along with every type of facility for spoiling and pampering.

Go on. Take the plunge. Realise the dream.

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