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Employment adverts featured on this page are not placed by agencies unless this is clearly stipulated. Where no agency name or details are shown, you are therefore dealing directly with the potential employer.


Tele-sales Representative

About You
Do you have outstanding people skills and an outgoing nature? Are you well-spoken and often complimented on your good telephone presence? Can you be assertive and confident without being overbearing? Are you self motivated and pride yourself on achieving targets without having to compromise ethics?

You could be the person we are looking for, especially if you also have past experience in cold canvassing and/or selling intangibles and services.

About The Job
Working from our premises, the position is pure telephone cold canvassing and generating of qualified leads for the sales team.
This is a part-time position, working from 10am to 1pm, Monday to Friday.

About The "Product":
A range of intangibles and services include advertising space, website development and website hosting.

About The Company:
We are a small, informal organisation with a proven track record in achieving results for our clients.

R1000 per month basic, plus commission on sales from the leads you generate.

If you think that this sounds like a good match, please email us with your relevant details.


Experienced PHP / Mysql Developer

We urgently require the services of a skilled and experienced PHP Developer.

This is a newly created in-house position necessitated by growth and changing company policy to gradually phase out the use of freelance programmers.

This is not an entry level position and is not for the faint of heart.

The position is one where everything is deadline driven and your continued success in the position is dependent upon your ability to consistently produce the highest quality code, to spec, within deadlines.

You will be thrown in the deep end and, although you will enjoy our complete support, this does not include training in any of the required skills.

Key Functions
Development of new database driven php applications
Development of modifications and add-on modules to existing php applications.
Trouble-shooting of php applications
Customisation and modification of third-party software programmes (GNU)

Essential Skill Requirements
Php4 and 5 + MySql : It is critical that you find php and Myslq as comfortable and natural as your home language. This is not negotiable and will be tested as part of the screening process.
The ability to efficiently handcode independent of software programmes
The consistent writing of clean code that is secure and adheres to good coding conventions.
At least 3 years experience in writing scalable php database driven applications.

Additional Skills and Experience
The following are not essential, but would favourably influence your application.

Experience with osc, cpanel, phpmyadmin, encryption techniques and the development of licensed database driven applications.

You have preferably built online database driven applications and database driven php websites from scratch, on your own, from concept to final (successful) launch.

You are ideally SEO savvy when it comes to database driven php websites and, if you say that you are, you can prove your claims via google search.

The ideal Applicant
In addition to possessing the required skills and experience, you must be able to function under consistent high pressure and be deadline driven.

You are able to think laterally and can find feasible and secure solutions to apparently impossible problems. Exceptional quality of output and attention to detail are a natural part of your skill set.

When confronted with a required outcome, you easily see alternative possible options for achieving the desired result and most often select the best route, advising and making alternative suggestions where these will produce a better long term outcome.

You are most likely a geek at heart and possibly even a bit introverted. Ethical considerations and confidentiality are concepts which come naturally to you.

You would like to make a meaningful contribution in a non-corporate environment and can work efficiently on your own as well as in a team.

Hours of Work
Normal hours are Monday to Friday: 8:30am - 5:00pm
Saturdays: some Saturday work may be required at times if deadlines require this.

Remuneration is based on Total Cost to Company and is highly negotiable.

Entry Requirements
Applicants will pass through various screening levels, with shortlisting after each step. The screening levels are intended to include the following:

  1. Submission of a CV and covering letter.
  2. Completion of an additional questionnaire. This will be web-based, via email or telephonic.
  3. Attendance at a face-to-face interview
  4. Completion of a test project. The project will entail developing an add-on to one of our existing applications or websites using notepad or wordpad. All applicants will be given the identical task to complete at our premises and the applicant that best completes this task to spec, within the allocated time (no longer than 1 day), will be almost guaranteed the position. All test criterion will be disclosed upfront prior to commencement of the test project. The successful applicant will be paid for the completed task as time worked.
  5. Attendance at final interview

Probationery period
There is a probationary period of 3 months.
Probation is project and task based and continued employment after the probationary period is dependent on the following:

1. Tasks / projects performed:

  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Accuracy
  • Functionality
  • Security
  • Meeting or exceeding spec
  • Meeting or exceeding deadlines

2. Match with the Company
the extent to which you match the company culture and successfully integrate on a personal level.

3. Adherence to company policies, practices and contractual requirements.

About Us
We are a small and dynamic development and hosting company that is well established and growing at an increasing rate. Most of our staff are located off-site, with just a small team in-office.

Working environment is very informal, but at times quite frenetic. Our commitment is to excellence and we expect our staff to possess and display the same commitment.

In return we offer a long term opportunity in a company that has been around for a number of years and gives as good as it expects.

If you think you could fit the bill, have no problem with any aspect of the screening process outlined above and haven't been scared off by our spec, then we are keen to meet you. Please send us an email with your CV and the reasons why you are applying for the position.

Sales Representative

We are a small and growing organisation with sales enquiries coming in faster than we can deal with them. We therefore need an experienced sales person to take over handling these enquiries as well as pursuing new business of your own.

Our business is currently celebrating its 10th anniversary and extensive growth is on the cards over the next 18 months. Our ongoing success is attributable in part to our commitment to personalised service excellence and a constant improving of both products and services.

In short, the position involves:

  • Selling of intangible products and services. These include advertising, web development, software development, software programmes and internet hosting.
  • Dealing with enquiries that come in via our website and word of mouth.
    90-95% of enquiries that come in are genuine potential buyers who simply need to be advised and closed. This means that even if you never do a single cold call, you can write good business.
  • Establishing and building good business relationships with clients to encourage word of mouth referrals, which also form a large part of our new business. Incentives are also provided to encourage clients to do referrals.

The successful applicant will be a people person, presentable, good communicator and confident. The position basically requires soft selling and will include telesales as well as physically seeing clients within the greater Durban area.

Ideally you would have experience with selling intangibles and you are not scared of going out the door in the morning. Success doesn't frighten you and failure is something that happens only to other people. You also have hair on your teeth, tremendous tenacity and grasp new concepts quickly.

Once you are established and have a good grasp of the market and what we offer, your input will be required in terms of developing new products and ways to further improve our service and sales infrastructures. You are therefore expected to become a meaningful member of the team rather than "just a sales representative".

Due to the fact that you will be given incoming enquiries and leads, you would be expected to visit the office every week day. You will also be required to spend at least 2 full days a month in on-the-job product training.

The position is a target-driven, commission-based one. A monthly disbursement of R2000 forms the basis, plus a sliding scale commission starting at 7.5%. Certain services create an ongoing residual income, allowing you to increase your income over time, regardless of new business being written. Average commissions and residual commissions are payable during annual leave periods.

If you would like to be considered for the position, please complete our online application form. Further information will be provided to successful applicants, prior to the next stage of screening.


Only genuine self-employment opportunities will be featured in this section so that you can pursue them with peace of mind.

Agency Available

Agencies exist across South Africa for the distribution and sales of Pool SOS, the only fully integrated pool alarm system in South Africa. It is also the only floating pool alarm that is endorsed by the American Consumer Protection Agency. If you are interested, please email us for more information.

If you would like to use this page to advertise your vacancies or employment opportunities, full or part-time, please drop us a line and we will email you with the ad template and details within 24 hours.

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