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Membership of the National Accommodation Association (NAA) provides greater credibility for any South African accommodation establishment and is worth considering if you run a professional operation that maintains consistent high standards.

To qualify you would need to satisfy various criteria, which includes meeting all legal requirements of national and local government and having your establishment inspected and classified by the local NAA chapter operating in your area.

Membership is open only to smaller South African establishments, including bed and breakfast, guest houses, self-catering and lodges.

Benefits to you are numerous, but probably most important of all is knowing that you belong to a body which assures potential guests of the highest quality and getting what they pay for. This gives all members a distinctive marketing edge, both within South Africa and internationally.

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National Accommodation Association

If it isn't NAA, think twice before you stay! Based on the many complaints that the National Accommodation Association regularly receives about non-member establishments, this has become our advice to both local and international travellers.

Every accommodation establishment featured on this website is a member of the National Accommodation Association of South Africa, of which the Durban North Association is the local chapter.

What this means for you as the end user is that quality is assured and you get what you expect, though in most cases your expectations will be surpassed by the high quality accommodation, outstanding facilities and personalised service that NAA members provide.

No lumpy beds, broken furniture, dirty rooms, lousy food or misleading advertising splurb. In choosing NAA you are choosing to enjoy a stay that delivers what it promises and this translates into peace of mind.

Operating countrywide, the NAA has member establishments in every part of South Africa to ensure that you can have a hassle free stay no matter where you are travelling. Each region has its own chapter, broken down further into local chapters. When you see the Kwababa sign, you are dealing with the KZN (Kwazulu Natal) regional chapter of the National Accommodation Association. This means that each chapter is small enough for standards to be maintained.

Membership is voluntary, so that all member establishments willingly comply with the high NAA standards and requirements, demonstrating their committment and dedication to their guests.

Whether you are choosing a low budget stay or a five star experience, remember to look for the NAA logo that is prominantly displayed on all member premises.

Please use the "accommodation directory" link on the right hand menu to browse through the member accommodation establishments in Durban North.

To find an NAA establishment from Cape to Beit Bridge, click here to visit the main NAA website.

To contact the NAA:
Durban North chairperson - Mary-Ann Malan
National chairperson - Heather Hunter


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