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Patrick Holford Seminars and Workshops
Durban - Monday 20th August, 2007.



World-renowned nutritionist Patrick Holford will visit South Africa from 16 - 24 August to present his groundbreaking seminar on children's nutrition, titled Optimum Nutrition for your Child's Mind. Seminars will be presented in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.

Holford is one of the world’s leading authorities on new approaches to health and nutrition. He founded the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in the UK, a highly respected training college for clinical nutritionists, where he has researched nutrition's role in influencing intelligence and mental health. He is also the founder of the FOOD FOR THE BRAIN foundation.

Holford has worked extensively on children's nutrition and you now have the opportunity to attend his groundbreaking seminar Optimum Nutrition For your Child's Mind in South Africa.

Learn how to maximise your child's potential!

Optimum nutrition is a revolution in healthcare. Holford reveals in Optimum Nutrition for Your Child’s Mind how good nutrition can impact on your child’s mind and brain. In this seminar, Holford will show how what you feed your child affects brain function, behaviour and intelligence. Patrick Holford has worked with hundreds of children with problems ranging from ADHD to autism, and has advised schools on using optimum nutrition to attain children's full potential. This seminar is the definitive nutritional guide for any parent or teacher.

You'll discover how to:

Develop concentration and focus
Boost IQ and creative thinking
Improve reading and writing
Enhance memory
Improve mood and behaviour
You'll also find out what works for dyslexia and dyspraxia; drug-free answers to ADHD; getting off the autistic spectrum; answers for aggression; overcoming eating disorders and solving sleeping problems. Cost: R285 per person.

'If there's one person who's done more than anyone to transform the perception of food in Britain, it's the visionary nutritionist Patrick Holford.' -- Independent

Optimum Nutrition for Your Child's Mind

Monday 20th Aug
08h30 - 11h30
St. Mary's School, Durban
Book with St Mary’s direct 031 764 9800

18h30 - 21h30
Northwood School, Durban
Book with Northwood direct 031 563 6501 ext 310 or at Computicket on 083 915 8000



About Patrick Holford

the patrick holford seminarsThe UK Daily Mail states that "Patrick Holford is one of the world’s leading authorities on new approaches to health and nutrition". Patrick Holford has indeed been rated internationally as one of the world’s leading Nutritionists and is the international health expert advocating a wholistic lifestyle and promoting all things organic and natural. He is renowned for his cutting edge advice on how to ADD YEARS TO YOUR LIFE AND LIFE TO YOUR YEARS THROUGH OPTIMUM NUTRITION.

No one is better qualified than him to help optimize corporate wellness programs, weight-loss and vibrant health through nutrition.

In 1984 he founded the Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION), a charitable and independent educational trust for the furtherance of education and research in nutrition.

It is now the largest training school in the United Kingdom for nutrition consultants and widely respected internationally as a leading edge organization by professionals and media alike.

In 2003 he founded the Brain Bio-Centre in the UK a leading edge research centre into brain chemistry and optimum nutrition for the Mind.

Patrick Holford frequently appears on UK television and radio discussing nutrition, food, environmental and health issues. He also lectures and presents workshops throughout the world to the public and health professionals on a wide range of topics.

In 2003 when the House of Commons, UK, wanted to know the truth about Vitamins, they called in the one person rated as an independent researcher and international expert on Vitamins and Nutrition, namely Patrick Holford.

During the last decade he has written 21 books which have been translated into over 18 languages from Spanish to Chinese. His bestselling book "The Optimum Nutrition Bible" has sold close to 1 million copies worldwide. Some of his other books are: "100% Health", "The Optimum Nutrition for the Mind", "The Whole Health Manual", "Elemental Health", "The Better Pregnancy Diet", "Super nutrition for a Healthy Heart", "How to Protect Yourself from Pollution", "The Fat Burner Diet", "Living Food", "Say No to Arthritis - the Nutrition Connection", "Optimum Nutrition for Babies and Young Children", "Boost your Child’s Immune System", "Supplements for Superhealth" and "The H Factor and Optimum Nutrition Before, During and After Pregnancy".

He is also editor of Optimum Nutrition magazine, published quarterly by ION, and editor of the Patrick Holford 100% Health Newsletter.

Patrick Holford optimum nutrition biblePatrick Holford has conducted extremely popular and well-attended workshops throughout South Africa in 1999, 2000, 2003 and again in 2004. He has been well feted by the media and has become a very sought after speaker in this country.

To purchase one of Patrick Holford's books or products, please contact the stockists that are listed on the left of this page.