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It seems that the days of pride are gone, all is mass production based on turnover and it seems very little care and attention is even affordable anymore. A cursory look around the superstores and hyper's betrays this sad fact. You see a nice piece of furniture or a frame and while it at first looks pleasing to the eye, the fingers detect the imperfections that closer inspection reveals.

Four years ago Nic Hein decided that there was a market for high-finish frames and mirrors where the emphasis is on care and craftsmanship rather than mass-production. No piece of furniture leaves his workshop without a thorough inspection to ensure both the finish of the wood and that the stain is blemish free. No joints are proud and no miter is gapped because Picture-It strives to attain the finish that leads the eye to believe that the frame or furniture was crafted from just one piece of wood. Our new range of bathroom cabinets is based on the old cottage style, crafted and sanded to a smooth, silken finish, as are our tables and laundry baskets.

Picture-It works with pine, cypress, oak or saligna, depending on your budget and the style required. We can take your designs and build a specialized unit to fit into that small corner or alcove, or build any cabinet or unit to your specific requirement - often at a lower price than the mass-produced equivalent.

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Handcrafted Bathroom Cabinets

Single bathroom cabinet
Double bathroom cabinet
Laundry basket
Coffee tables
Occasional tables
Purpose built cabinets
Shelving and Pelmets
Room dividers and Bookcases
Wall units and custom tables
Cabinets and units

These are just some examples of products that can be crafted from your designs.

Contact us for a no-obligation quote on your requirements.



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Unit 5b 600 North Coast Road, Briardene 4051, KwaZulu Natal


Nic Hein - 031 563 7514 / 084 556 6015


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