The form below can be used to apply for the specific position advertised, or for us to consider you for any other sales position that may be available or become available in the future. Please do not leave anything off the form below. Although forms may be a bit of a pain, the less you tell us, the less opportunity you have to pique our interest.

Personal Information
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Important: The contact information below is what we would use to get hold of you. Please do not give a daytime number if you would prefer us not to use it. Our first level of contact would most likely be email, unless you use a hotmail or yahoo or any other free email address - we ignore those and generally applicants who provide one of these will go to the bottom of our list.
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Qualifications and Skills
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What specific skills do you have that are related to the job of a sales representative ?
What additional skills do you have that are not related to the job but which you believe can add value for the organisation that employs you ?
What specific achievements have you previously enjoyed as a sales representative ?

Personal Job Preferences
This section deals with questions that will not be used to judge your suitability for employment, but which will assist us in determining where you may be best suited in terms of specific position and environment.

Position PreferencesFirst Choice
Second Choice
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When are you available to start a new job?
Environment and Functional Preferences and strengths- Tick all that apply Prefer a casual, informal environment
Prefer a more formal, corporate-type environment
Enjoy socialising with my co-workers
Prefer to keep my social life separate
I get a thrill from getting people to see things my way
I prefer giving people the facts and letting them decide for themselves
Ideally I like to work in an open-plan office and have people around me
Ideally I like to work in my own private office
Office? What's that?
I prefer to cold call so that I am in control from the outset
I prefer following up on existing leads to save time
I prefer setting my own sales targets
I prefer knowing where I stand and having realistic targets set for me
I prefer not to be dictated to and like to have my targets agreed with me
I prefer my targets to be renegotiated on a monthly basis, especially in an unreliable economy
I prefer a smoking environment
I prefer a non-smoking environment
I will absolutely not work in a smoking environment
Smoking or non-smoking - makes no difference

 Please choose only one of the next 4 questions:
My greatest strength is finding new business.
My greatest strength is closing deals
My greatest strength is upselling
My greatest strength is building and maintaining relationships with my clients

Please ask any burning questions that you may have:

Please explain any specific requirements, limitations or personal circumstances that an employer should know about.
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