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èastman Super Spar are pleased to offer our selection of hot and cold food platters. Ideal for a small family get together to a full sized corporate function.

spar sandwich platterèastman Super Spar Sandwich Platter
The platter consists of 44 mouth-watering bite-sized sandwiches which include cheese and tomato, ham, chicken and mayo, tuna and mayo & egg and mayo.

Spar vegetarian platter
èastman Super Spar Vegetarian Platter

A selection of savoury sweets including veggie fingers, sweet corn fritters, veg spring rolls, jalapeno slammers, cheese puffs, potato samoosas, potato bites served with a sweet chili sauce.

spar cocktail bread roll paltterèastman Super Spar Cocktail Bread Roll Platter
Fresh cocktail bread rolls served with a variety of fillings, which include cheese and tomato, ham, chicken and mayo, tuna and mayo & egg and mayo all arranged on a bed of lettuce.

spar chicken and rib platterèastman Super Spar Chicken and Rib Platter
An appetising combination of meaty spare ribs and succulent chicken drumsticks.

spar fushion platter

èastman Super Spar Fusion Platter

An assortment of delightful mini pies, chicken drumsticks, spicy samoosa's and prawn vol-au-vents.

spar vol-au-vent platterèastman Super Spar Vol-Au-Vent Platter
Vol-au-vents filled with a delectable sauce and topped with prawns.

spar cheese platter

èastman Super Spar Cheese Platter

An assortment of cheese and biscuits including various blue cheeses, brie, camembert, emmentaler, pecorini, parmesan and philadelphia on a bed of sweet chilli sauce.

spar biscuit platterèastman Super Spar biscuit Platter
A bed of savoury biscuits topped with a rich variety of assorted fillings which include Mediterranean vegetables with basil, smoked mussels, creamed cheese, taramosalata and cold meats complimented with stuffed eggs.

spar hot platterèastman Super Spar Hot Platter
Crispy nuggets, golden chicken pieces, spicy samoosas, tasty sausage rolls, juicy meat balls and cocktail sausages make this serving a mouth-watering treat.

spar crudite platter
èastman Super Spar Crudités Platter

A colourful selection of in-season veggies served with a cream cheese dip.

spar egg platter
èastman Super Spar Egg Platter

An assortment of stuffed eggs with delightful toppings including prawn tails, baby corn, asparagus, black olives, smoked mussels, mellitzana dip and anchovies.

spar cold platterèastman Super Spar Cocktail Bread Roll Platter
A selection of cold treats including cubed cheese nibbles, fresh bite-size sandwiches, stuffed eggs, asparagus rolled in ham, salami cones and assorted cold meats.

spar chicken satay

èastman Super Spar Chicken Satay Platter

A selection of spicy chicken satay's with sweet chilli or peanut butter sauce.

spar bruchetta platter

èastman Super Spar Bruchetta Platter

Crispy toasted french bread with a fine selection of gourmet toppings.

spar gourmet part platterèastman Super Spar Gourmet Party Platter
An enticing arrangement of mini quiches, bacon wrapped sausages, mini pizza's, meatballs and chicken drumsticks wrapped in bacon.

spar pub grub platter

èastman Super Spar Pub Grub Platter

A tasty selection of cheddar cheese chunks, pickled onions, mini club sandwiches, sausage rolls, BBQ chicken wings, mini hamburgers and nacho's with salsa.

spar proudly south african platterèastman Super Spar Proudly South African Platter
A proud selection of dry wors, game and beef biltong, peanuts, BBQ buffalo wings, chunky cheddar bites, cocktails sausages, frikkadels and mini wors.

spar sausage sizzler platter

èastman Super Spar Sausage Sizzler Platter

Savour our selection of mouth watering bokwurst, frankfurters, boerewors, chourico, cheesies, russian smokies and cabinossi's.

To order any of these delectable platters, that serve about 10 people, please contact Jayshree on 031 562 9831. A small deposit is charged for the trays.


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