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Things to do Outdoors

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Bridge Swings

The moses Mabhida Stadium is not only a host to rugby fixtures but also offers numerous outdoor activities for the family. There is space for bike riding for old and young alike, restaurants and coffee shops, the world's only stadium swing, an adventure walk over the arch and a cable car ride up the opposite side. From the apex you have a breathtaking panoramic view of Durban.

031 582 8242

Cable / Canopy Tours

Safely harnessed to secure zip lines, you move from platform to platform, 25 metres above the forest floor!

All Out Adventures 036 438 6242

Karkloof Canopy Tours 033 330 3415

Zip-Line Tour Ballito 032 942-8014

Cycling and Mountain Biking

Although the area is too hilly for the average person to use cycling as a mode of transport, the avid cyclist need not be concerned. For a more easy-going experience we offer some of the best cycling experiences along the north coast and central beachfronts. For the more determined or adventurous, a short drive out takes you to numerous mountainous areas that offer an amazing outdoor experience with stunning views and a great workout. Bicycles can be hired.

Dirt biking and quad biking

Quad biking trails are a great way to let off steam and have a good time. Anything from specialised quad biking tours through to birthday outings, day excursions or simple fun out-rides are available for an utterly thrilling experience. This is ideal for corporate team building, corporate incentives, group outings or a great family experience. Young and mature thrill seekers enjoy this amazing adventure, which is one of the most exciting, unique and fun ways to explore the Durban North Coast.


FAT TRAXX 082 4775 837

RIVER QUAD TRAILS 032 942 8014

Dolphin watching

There are a number of tour operators that specialise in this unique experience. The North Coast in particular is the known playground of the bottle-nose dolphin and it is a wonderful opportunity to see and experience these gentle creatures up close in the wilds. Nature's innocents. This is one boat ride that you really shouldn't miss.

dive nautique diving and instructionDive Nautique (since 1990) is an ocean charter & education company where you can experience any on or in sea activity: scuba diving training & charters, dolphin viewing, whale watching, etc.
Contact Roux on 082 553 2834
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Dolphin Dreams 084 471 1907

Durban Charter Boat Bookings - 031 709 0797


Being on the coast, Durban has some of the richest waters in the world for deep sea fishing, shore or pier fishing. Sharks, blacktail, barracuda and shad are just some of the types of salt-water fish to pit yourself against. For the freshwater fisherman, venturing a bit further inland offers countless opportunities for amazing catches.

Carp, Barbel and Tilapia are amongst some of these and even spear fishing is on offer for those wanting a somewhat different fishing experience.

Fishing is a protected activity and permits are required for both inland and sea fishing.

Flight instruction

Attracting people from accross the globe, the area is a popular training area for those wanting to learn to fly. South Africa has some of the best instructors in the world, with a South African PPL being valid in all countries. Learn to fly at a fraction of the cost. From A private pilots license to a full commercial license, light aircraft or helicopters. Why be a passenger when you can learn to fly?

For a safari with a difference, flying safaris provide a unique and exhilerating variation, with stunning views and sightings that can be achieved no other way.


Any golfer will tell you - golf is not a sport, it's almost a way of life. There are 12 world class golf clubs/courses within easy reach of Durban North, with three of these on our own doorstep. Within an hour's drive, there are over twenty-four challenging courses, making this an ideal destination for a golfing tour or utterly self-indulgent golf holiday. Best of all, with so much else to do in the area, you needn't leave the family behind either.


Loads of water, a good sunblock, a picnic lunch and you're set for one of the numerous hiking trails available. With such an amazing coastline and breathtaking countryside, blaze your own trail along the dunes, through the nature reserves or along the awesome foothills of the Drakensburg.

Hot Air Ballooning

Take to the skies in this exilherating activity. The average height attained is usually between 1500 and 2000 feet.

Sky Adventures 073 334 7911 (Also Skydiving & Paragliding)

Hot Air Ballooning SA - KZN Midlands 083 446 9423

Kite Surfing

Something different, this is one way to experience a combination of skiing, surfing and, if the wind is right, even flying. Let natures' breezes become your engine as you race along the sea as fast as the wind will carry you. This needs special instruction for the inexperienced and requires a fair bit of stamina. Excellent instruction with internationally qualified instructors is however available.

Ocean2Air - Kite Surfing

KITESURFING is one of the fastest growing watersports in the world ... come find out what all the fuss is about !!!

Durban has the perfect conditions to give you a chance to get hands on experience in flying a four line inflatable kite.

We have qualified instructors that will guide you from a point of having never flown a kite before to, in no time, experiencing the exhilaration and the rush of being pulled through the water by the kite.

Come and join us for an introductory 3 hour lesson that may change your life. Once you have tried this you will know what’s been missing in your life!!
102 Ordnace Road, Durban 4001, South Africa Tel. 031 301 1110 or 082 880 1888
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Dolphin Dreams 084 471 1907

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