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Things to do Outdoors

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Durban built to scale with the smallest detail followed, See Smith Street down to Marine Parade and the ever-popular Golden Mile. Children delight at it and adults marvel. The incredible attention to detail and perfect scale is what makes this a must-see.

031 337 7892


Paintball adventures for teambuilding, family fun, birthday parties, or just great fun for friends.

All Out Adventures 036 438 6242

Forest Paintball 032 942 8014


There are several world-class nature parks within and around Durban North, including the botanical and Japanese Gardens. African flowers are some of the most beautiful in the world and have been the genus of many hybrids in Europe and the USA. Our parks showcase a vast selection of our best indigenous fauna.

Mitchell Park is a lovely family park, with a full playground (including facilities for physically handicapped children), beautiful gardens, rolling greens, a restaurant for refreshment and the Mitchell Park Zoo with it's host of entertaining creatures from raccoons to snakes! - 031 304 4934

River Rafting

River rafting is an excellent activity to get the blood pumping!

Four Rivers Rafting and Adventures 036 468 1693

Ricksha Rides

A traditional experience not to be missed, the colourful Ricksha rides are almost a landmark in Durban. A short jaunt in one of these man-drawn carriages harks back to an early means of travel in the area and is a brief but memorable experience for children and adults alike.


Cruise along the Golden Mile, the paved northern beach-fronts or the popular local roller rink, conveniently situated for kids to enjoy while parents are off shopping. Don't forget the knee and arm pads as you wonder why you ever started walking.

Scuba diving

In the clear blue waters of the Indian ocean you swim down to the hidden depths with nothing but your wetsuit, aqua lung and the amazing underwater world. No phones or beepers, just you and the majesty of the Indian Ocean. Stunning coral reefs make this an outstanding location for both diving and snorkelling and not only for the experienced. If you've ever wanted to get your diving certification, this is the place to do it. For an experience to be remembered, under the guidance of world-class instructors, try one of the following dive operators.

dive dimensions diving toursAdventure Dives SA offers escorted dive tours to all of South best dive sites, including Gansbaai, home of the Great White sharks. Also offering dive training and equipment sales and repair.
Contact Paul on 083 657 0965 or
031 573 2840     email     website

dive nautique diving and instructionDive Nautique (since 1990) is an ocean charter & education company where you can experience any on or in sea activity: scuba diving training & charters, dolphin viewing, whale watching, etc.
Contact Roux on 082 553 2834
email     website

Scuba Dive Kwazulu Natal 082 258 3853

Sea kayaking

Now this is it. Have your arms got the power to get you over the crest of that wave as you duck your head and the water rushes over the boat? A fun and challenging activity that requires a fair bit of stamina and definitely the ability to laugh at yourself while you learn. Single and double kayaks can be hired, with a quick 5 minutes of instruction for beginners. After that you're on your own and there is nothing quite as humbling as when that first wave tosses you over. Despite this, sea kayaking is a safe and enjoyable sport, suitable for children as well as adults.

Ocean Ventures 086 100 1138


A great kids favourite, there are many areas suitable for skateboarding.

Ski or Kite Surfing

Something different, this is one way to experience a combination of skiing, surfing and, if the wind is right, even flying. Let natures' breezes become your engine as you race along the sea as fast as the wind will carry you. This needs special instruction for the inexperienced and requires a fair bit of stamina. Excellent instruction with internationally qualified instructors is however available.

Sky Diving

Sky diving is both a competitive sport and an exhilerating experience.

Skydive Durban 072 214 6040


Just float on the sea and look down into the clear waters of the Indian Ocean. Swim with dolphin's in the morning waves or lose yourself in an exploration of the beautiful coral reefs. Snorkelling is without doubt one of the best ways to explore the vast array of fascinating marine life along the Durban and Northern coastline.

Snake park

See the wide variety of indigenous snakes from the lurking boomslang (treesnake) to the spitting cobra, along with many imported species. The hypnotic stare of these pre-historic creatures will have you spellbound. All viewed from a safe and secure distance, the snake park is a favoured attraction for locals and visitors to the area. Daily talks and demonstrations are presented and feeding of snakes and crocodiles can be seen on weekends.

031 337 6456


You've tried body boarding now move up to full surfing. The KZN area boasts some of the best surfing beaches in the world, making this a prime surfing destination. As well as catering to the hardened surfer, lessons are also offered by qualified instructors for those wanting to take this up as a new sport.

Dolphin Dreams 084 471 1907

Ocean Ventures 086 100 1138

Whale watching

This is a must, to see the largest creatures on earth from just metres away will offer a breathtaking experience to remember. The whales predominantly seen along our coastline are the impressive, 15 metre long (roughly 47 feet) humpbacks, with their black backs and white undersides. Weighing in at around 30 tons, it is an amazing sight to see one of these sea mammals doing a gracious leap in the water.

Advantage Tours - St Lucia 035 590 1259

Durban Charter Boat Bookings - 031 709 0797

Ocean Ventures 086 100 1138

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